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__A data stripe shield

__A personal magnifier

__Marketing on credit cards



Businesses that accept credit card payment for their services. (i.e., hotels, restaurants, car rentals, airlines and other transportation, e-commerce and catalog sales, retail shops, etc.)

Businesses who use credit card sized plastic cards in marketing their names, products and services. (i.e., telecommunication companies, AARP, AAA, banks, credit card issuers, casinos and HMO's)

Businesse card users. (i.e., real estate brokerages, insurance companies, financial institutions and sales representatives)

Businesses that employ mass mailing or mass media to reach their prospects. (i.e., fulfillment houses, pharmaceuticals/drugs and other businesses)

Businesses that attend and exhibit at trade shows and conventions.

Businesses that target market special interest groups. (i.e., products and service for the seniors, golfers, national groups and organizations)



PLASTIC-MATE™ is distributed only through authorized distributors.

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Promo Graphics Inc., 413 Florence Ave., Hillside, NJ 07205. Tel: 908-688-4800

NFP Marketing, 379 Canal Road, S. Bound Brook , NJ 08880. Tel: 732-469-8462

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