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Advertising & Marketing on Credit Cards

What is Plastic-Mate™?
Plastic-Mate™ makes it possible for everyone to advertise on major credit/debit cards. It is a protective shield for the magnetic stripe and IC chip, a personal magnifier and mini billboard that can piggyback onto the back of any credit/debit card.
What's so different about Plastic-Mate™ from all traditional advertising specialty and promotional items?

While anyone can imprint a name or logo on almost anything and call it promotional, only Plastic-Mate™ can provide such a prime location for your message. The world's most successful marketing tool - the credit and debit cards - are now yours for advertising, co-branding and marketing. Simply put, Plastic-Mate™ provides the means for you to leverage the power of major credit cards to enhance your advertising visibility to qualified consumers.

What could Plastic-Mate™ do for mass mailing?

Your mass mailing could even experience a double digits increase in retention. There are billions of cards worldwide whose magnetic stripes or IC chips need protection from abuse and damage. Plastic-Mate™ could provide this service to them free and make you visible daily to millions of new prospects. It is flat and easy to mail, you can simply piggyback it onto your current mailing package to save the costs of distribution.

What makes Plastic-Mate™ a superior marketing tool?
More and more consumers and businesses worldwide are depending on the credit and debit cards daily. Plastic-Mate™ can provide a symbiotic solution that's beneficial to both.
Why you should always give a Plastic-Mate™ with the traditional business cards and brochures?
Sooner or later people always will file or trash a business card or brochure, but a Plastic-Mate™ will provide the solution to help you surviving these purges. It is a long lasting networking partner that will be around to provide you with the visibility so you could be reached anytime later.
How can Plastic-Mate™ improve the way a debit telephone card works?
1 Plastic-Mate™ puts a convenient personal magnifier 24/7 within the arm's reach of every card user for seeing the small printed dialing instructions better. A user-friendlier card benefits both the caller and the promotional phone card buyer or issuer, particularly our society are aging with an increasing number of forty-plus consumers.
2 Plastic-Mate™ improves the effectiveness of your promotion by phone cards. When the minutes on the phone card are used up, Plastic-Mate™ can prolong your visibility by protecting another credit or debit card in a prospect's wallet.
How can Plastic-Mate™ benefit small businesses?
Co-branding and affinity programs with Visa and MasterCard by multinationals and large non-profit organizations are proven successes for the past twenty years. Plastic-Mate™ now levels the playing field and makes these programs available for the "David's" in our business communities as well.
What is so unique about Plastic-Mate™?
Plastic-Mate™ helps you to direct your promotions to credit worthy consumers, the choicest prospects. We can guarantee that your messages are seen by the right people who always have money to spend on your goods and services. It has been awarded a U.S. Patent # 5,999,336 by USPTO as well as patents internationally.
How do you advertise and co-brand with a Plastic-Mate™?
Simply sliding a Plastic-Mate™ onto any credit or debit card, you are instantly co-branding with the world's premier brand(s).
How can Plastic-Mate™ improve my advertising and marketing?
Effective advertising and marketing always require reinforcements. Only Plastic-Mate™ can deliver low cost, repetitive reinforcements no matter where your prospects are!
Who can use a Plastic-Mate™?

Everyone who is marketing a name, product or service because Plastic-Mate™ is seen every time the credit card and the magnifier are used.

Why Plastic-Mate™ can also improve the affinity and co-branding programs for card issuers?

Plastic-Mate™ instantly differentiates your cards from competitors. Elegantly protecting your cards from abuse without hiding the beautiful card design. Plastic-Mate™ bookmarks and cradles your cards, projecting a caring image to your card holders.

How do you justify the added cost of a Plastic-Mate™ in marketing?

Besides reducing the time and expenses of card replacements, Plastic-Mate™ can earn its own keep by protecting the business incomes that you would have lost. When your card is not working and unhappy customers switching to your competitors card, you will lose the card activation expenses too even through no fault of your own. Another word, Plastic-Mate™ protects your investments.

Could Plastic-Mate™ generate new revenues for banks?

Definitely, its usage is only limited by one's imagination! Plastic-Mate™ can open new markets and help mine new gold from segment and sub-segments of issuer's business particularly from the often under-mined database. For examples, banks can now co-brand and cross market products or services never allowed before by the limited space on a standard credit cards: i.e., auto, personal, business loans and mortgages; SBLI or business insurances; investment conseling, as well as saving marketing costs by sharing expenses through cross marketing. You can even use Plastic-Mate™ to help your local business clients, depositors and card holders, as a new tool to network to one another. Plastic-Mate™ is another marketing tool to help financial institutions competing for new business accounts.

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